It’s not always easy

It’s been one of those days. It ended with Quinten spitting on my sweatshirt when I put him to bed. That’s a pretty accurate summary of his day. Some days can be such a challenge. Or maybe those days when you’re the only parent are really the ones that are challenging. Yesterday was A Day in itself. … Continue reading It’s not always easy

Out with the Toddler Bed, In with the Big Bed

I can’t think of anything left to signify Maximus growing out of toddlerhood and into the big kid zone. His toddler bed was still adequate, but I was itching to get him into a big bed. I had visions of laying next to him and reading him a story, or just snuggling. 🙂 One of those visions … Continue reading Out with the Toddler Bed, In with the Big Bed

Traumatizing Our Child with Santa

Now that the craziness of Christmas is over, I have time to share our Santa experiences. The boys had many this season. Thankfully, we worked on our wish list early. Maximus and I took it very seriously, he told me what to write down and we put it up on the fridge. The awesome thing … Continue reading Traumatizing Our Child with Santa

7 tips to surviving the holiday vacation with small children

Christmas break has begun! Two weeks of pure Christmas bliss. Er, something like that. I expect happiness and tears. Lots of both to be exact. {Maybe from small people and big people!} Here’s how we plan on surviving. Schedules. Following our normal nap time and bedtime schedules. This is a pretty important key to survival. … Continue reading 7 tips to surviving the holiday vacation with small children

A new tradition

Since the Christmas tree is up and the decorations are set, we decided to start a new tradition in the Leger house. We’ve joined the millions* and are participating in Elf on the Shelf! Maximus has never heard of it and he’s never seen one. We thought 4 1/2 was a good age to really get into it. … Continue reading A new tradition

The gift of children

It’s quiet on Leger Lane. Only adult things are filling up the space. Parenthood marathon on the tv and laundry in the washing machine. The lights are turned down and the Christmas tree is letting off a colorful array of twinkling. I spent almost two hours picking up, switching out decorations, and putting lights on the … Continue reading The gift of children

Christmas cheer

Lest you wonder what it’s like to live with boys. One is getting every item out and running around like a crazy preschooler. The other is throwing ornaments at the tree and taking the tops off the ornaments. Many things were broken and torn apart during Quinten’s 30 minutes of “helping.” chaos. at least 90% … Continue reading Christmas cheer

Gingerbread Man

Maximus wanted to make gingerbread cookies tonight. (From a package: add butter, egg, and water. Cookie cutter borrowed from my mother.) I’ve never made them but it’s not hard to add three ingredients. I put the batter in the fridge for 15 minutes because they looked sticky. It didn’t help! Not even with flour on … Continue reading Gingerbread Man