Letter ‘A’

The school year is almost over and we’ve had a lot of fun with preschool. We love our preschool and Maximus is so excited to go every school day. 

The month of March we worked on a project to turn in book strips every time we read a book. The class was trying to create a chain around the entire classroom. Maximus took that project very seriously. And it’s about the cutest thing I’ve seen. They decided they were so close they extended it a bit longer. So we’ve been writing down our books again and Maximus has been more interested in books than cartoons. {hallelujah!}

This week he got to bring home a special project. Items in our house that start with the letter ‘A’. He started kind of slow just coming up with words that started with ‘a’. Apple made the first list. I convinced him we should look around the house and we came up with more items than I thought we’d find. {You try finding specifics toys.} He got excited and spent 45 minutes walking through the house sounding out everything he saw and telling me what letter it started with. It was my favorite proud parent moment of the week! 

What we found:

  • Alligator clips
  • Astronaut (X2)
  • Astronaut car
  • Ambulance
  • A puzzle piece
  • Apple puzzle piece
  • Ace playing card
  • Airplane

Maximus vetoed my food items saying that he couldn’t take real food. Guess I’ll keep my apple, applesauce, and almonds. 

I think I’ll hold on to this idea and use it on one of those rainy days. 

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