Thirteen weeks

Wednesday, February 3, 2010 A good day is one that brings on the headache in the afternoon. You’d think that I’d be used to them by now. After all, I’ve had a lifetime of them. But, every one of them is different. Some days they turn into migraines and some days they are a dull reminder … Continue reading Thirteen weeks

Twelve weeks

Wednesday, January 27 Twelve weeks out of forty. It’s amazing what two whole weeks can do for a growing body. It can be the end of slim fitting shirts. It can be the end of work pants that used to button comfortably. It can also be the end of nauseousness. It can be the continuation … Continue reading Twelve weeks

Ten weeks

Not the most flattering picture, but this is the best I’m willing to share in terms of the “before” I look different. Ten weeks sounds like a big number. It’s most of a summer vacation from school. It’s the longest part of the winter (usually / hopefully). It’s almost a full softball season. Ten weeks … Continue reading Ten weeks