Twelve weeks

Wednesday, January 27

Twelve weeks out of forty. It’s amazing what two whole weeks can do for a growing body. It can be the end of slim fitting shirts. It can be the end of work pants that used to button comfortably. It can also be the end of nauseousness. It can be the continuation of the never ending hunger that strikes. It can also be the beginning of headaches and migraines. Or, the continuation if they started after that blissful nauseousness went away. It can be the 6th week of keeping the biggest secret of your life. It can mark the beginning of a list of nights you didn’t immediately fall to the couch upon entering the house. It can mark the first time in weeks that you stayed at work until 5. It’s the point where your stomach no longer fluctuates between looking like you ate too much. It can be the point where the roundness is here to stay. It’s two more weeks of the first trimester. It’s being t h i s close to saying there was no morning sickness! Twelve weeks is when you realize that somehow, you made it THREE MONTHS. It’s realizing that this won’t be so bad. It’s feeling alive again and getting that energy back!

Three months out of nine doesn’t seem so long anymore. But, twelve weeks still isn’t the point when this post can be published. So, twelve weeks feels like forever but the next three are bound to feel even longer!

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