Baby teeth!

I need to document teeth before I move on to my six month old baby. Six months.

Saturday, June 1 Quinten got his first tooth! His bottom left front tooth came in pretty quickly. Ironically the top two teeth had been kind of swollen and I was wondering if they were going to poke through. That night I was getting him in pajamas and saw a sparkle of white on the bottom. He got that tooth pretty easily. He was a little fussy the week before, but didn’t demand too much extra attention. He gnawed on his hands a lot and tried chewing on mine every time they got close to his face. And of course he always tries to eat my face, but lately it’s a little more intense.

Saturday, June 8 Quinten got his second tooth! His bottom right front tooth came in. It snuck up on us. Probably because we were still so fascinated that he had one tooth and we were watching that one slowly come up. He by no means has teeth. He just has some white poky things in his gums. There’s little chance of me being able to document them with a picture because 1. he tries to eat your hand as soon as you try to push back his tongue and gums and 2. they aren’t sticking enough to notice them when he smiles.

I kind of forgot about the slobbery mess that is a teething baby. And the runny nose. Teething is what makes babies gross!

I am thankful that he’s sleeping and hasn’t been very fussy. Hopefully the rest of his teeth are just as smooth!


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  1. Keep on writing, great job!

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