My happiness is them


What more can I say? This baby is a happy guy. He’s such a ray of sunshine in our house. Don’t get me wrong, Maximus is fun and giggles too. There’s just something about Quinten, maybe it’s that he can’t whine. In all seriousness, there aren’t too many times that you can look at him and he doesn’t grin back at you. He smiles with his whole face and it’s completely contagious.


It melts my heart when he smiles at his big brother. Most of the time Maximus doesn’t even notice until Quinten grabs onto his hair or tries to suck on his face. I can see it in Quinten’s eyes, he sees that big brother and he just wants to be SO.CLOSE to him. It’s ok that right now he wants to be close so he can chew on him or pull things. I know that soon enough he’ll want to be close to him so he can do everything Maximus is doing.


When I look at these two faces, I can’t help but feel incredibly blessed. I’m sure every parent feels this way, but I just feel so lucky to have them in my life. To kiss them and hug them every day. To smother them with love and affection and happiness. It’s a giant job, but I’m so grateful to have this responsibility! And when it’s feeling extra hard, I take a step back and look at how happy my babies are. {And then I eat their faces. Obviously.}


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