My personal financial planner

4 thoughts on “My personal financial planner”

    1. I can be that! 🙂 We took a class through our church. I highly recommend that route if you have something available in your area. Dave has some good books that help get you motivated and on-board with his approach. I’m going to send you my favorite one!


  1. I love Dave Ramsey. We have been working towards being debt fee and should be by next Spring! I am the dream crusher in my house, but at the same time I am the dreamer…so I have to tell myself no even when my husband says yes (he always says yes.). Eating out can definetely be a budget buster. We just recentley added a small purchase and large purchase to our budget. So we know we can get one item on the small list and when we meet certain goals we can get an item off the large list. It has helped us stay on track. Those $5-$10 items can add up!


    1. That’s so awesome! Good job on your journey! The painful no’s are so worth it when you become debt free!! That’s a good idea to build in some fun into your budget. It can be very draining sometimes. I often feel like we don’t have any money and want to get all whiny about the budget. In reality, it’s just that I don’t have money to blow on random things. It makes more sense to budget, even if I want to be irresponsible sometimes. 🙂


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