Backyard tunnels



More snow day fun! Bryan and Maximus built “tunnels” in our backyard during a warm weekend day. By warm, I obviously mean 30 degrees. I took the opportunity to bundle Quinten up and test drive his snuggly winter suit. If he wasn’t such a sweaty baby, I’d put him in it every day because it’s so soft.



I swear this kid toddler would stay outside for hours if you let him. He doesn’t care how cold it is or how cold his hands are. He just wants to shovel.



He’s a working man. He thrives in work environments. He loves to have Bryan tell him they have work to do. Building tunnels in the backyard is the perfect job for an energetic two-year-old!



We haven’t given the little guy a shovel yet. Keeping the sun out of his eyes was a big enough job for him. And toddlers suck at sharing, even if we have two little shovels.

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