Some days are hard

5 thoughts on “Some days are hard”

  1. Wow, busy busy! You’re doing what you have to though and I totally can relate. Most nights after work is done, toddler is fed, cleaned, happy, and asleep, we finally sit down to eat and we do it in front of a tv show, because only then can we zone out and relax, because when that 40 minutes is up, it’s time for bed and we dont have time for anything else. Totally can relate. I let things go with the house too, and although I’d love my house to look like one in a magazine, that’s not a priority now. I do the laundry thing too. One day i put two loads in, flip them, and bring them up in baskets. they dont get folded until the next day – theres just not enough hours in the day! P.S. Are your kiddos in daycare?


      1. Awe, that’s a great arrangement! I want baby #2 but hubs is stressed about it financially. Daycare costs for us are $285 a week, and that’s a steal for Boston. Adding another kiddo would double that!


      2. Oh, wow! That covers both of my kids. I do know that in-home is cheaper than facilities. I think that’s about the cost of facilities around here. It’s so hard when money and the heart conflict. You’re on such a good track right now, maybe things will look different in the future.


      3. Yes, in-home is a little cheaper here, but the center Avery is at is amazing. His teachers are so caring and I love the structure. He brings home art projects weekly, they have a great outdoor area, I just love it-oh and Avery too. I wouldn’t switch his daycare unless we had to.. like we moved. But if I had a friend with a small child, I would totally do what you’re doing. Our friends with kids aren’t close enough to do that.


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