Conversations with a two-year old

Me to Quinten: you’ve got a big belly!
Maximus: mine have a big belly! {Unzips pajamas to poke his belly.}
Me to Maximus: you have a big, big belly too!
Maximus: yesss

Me to Bryan: look at his thighs, they are getting chunky!
Maximus: mine chunky eyes! {Pulls sides of eyes to squint.} Mine eyes chunky!
Me: {laughing uncontrollably}
Bryan to me: good thing your incision doesn’t still hurt.

Heard via the monitor at the end of nap.

Jinggy bells, jinggy bells.
Jinggy bells, all the way.
Jinggy bells ALL THE WAY! YEAH! {Clapping.}

Also a monitor conversation.

A, B, C, Q, Y, Z!

The first outing with all four of us.

Maximus: you taking baby Kintin home?
Bryan: I guess that means he wants us to return him.

Maximus to me about my c-section incision. With an owie I can’t pick him up. And shouldn’t for another 3 weeks.

Maximus: mommy owie still?
Me: yes, mommy small owie still.
Maximus: me see
Me: see, small owie.
Maximus: ohhhh

Next day…
Maximus: no mommy owie still!
Me: yes, mommy small owie.
Maximus: no!


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