Dealing with toddler tantrums

I see people talk about how three’s are worse than two’s. And then I wonder how I’ll survive the age of three. I rationalize with myself by convincing myself that Maximus started his three’s early. He’s got a couple more weeks of age two, but the unreasonableness has been going on for a while now. His moods … Continue reading Dealing with toddler tantrums

Conversations with a two-year old

Me to Quinten: you’ve got a big belly! Maximus: mine have a big belly! {Unzips pajamas to poke his belly.} Me to Maximus: you have a big, big belly too! Maximus: yesss Me to Bryan: look at his thighs, they are getting chunky! Maximus: mine chunky eyes! {Pulls sides of eyes to squint.} Mine eyes … Continue reading Conversations with a two-year old