Maximus (the) baby

It’s our first Maximus and baby story!

He was laying on the floor with his feet propped up on the couch that Bryan was on. I couldn’t see anything besides his feet, but he kept saying “baybee,” over and over again. I asked Bryan why he was saying that and he pointed to the wall above them. Pictures of baby Maximus. He was naming everyone in the pictures, “mommy, daddy, baybee.” Baby Maximus is of various ages, but no matter when the picture was taken he calls himself a baby. Bryan told him it was baby Maximus. Maximus said no, “baybee.” Bryan told him mommy had the baby.

The next thing I knew, Maximus was standing in front of me saying “mama, baybee.” I said, “yes, mama baby.” Then he said, “belly,” and lifted up my shirt. That was the end of his sweetness because next he hit my belly continuously while saying, “baybee, belly.” I tried to reason with him and tell him that we don’t hit mommy’s stomach, we kiss it. He leaned in for an awkward hug, but didn’t give me a kiss.

Somewhere along the way he picked up that there is a baby in my belly. I know Bryan has told him a few times, but apparently he’s been listening and just not reacting. Of course he has no way of knowing what this means to his life, but at least he’s starting to pick it up! And how adorable is it for an almost two-year old to talk about the baby in mama’s belly!?

4 thoughts on “Maximus (the) baby

  1. Adorable story! How funny that he caught on and just started babbling about it like that.

  2. Sara V

    Very fun! Fiona likes to kick back at the baby in mama’s belly. She thinks it is very funny. Mama – not so much!

    These silly toddlers

  3. You’re pregnant?!! I missed this.

    1. A true sign that you are spending too much time and energy at work! 😉

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