Needing a little help – to crib or not to crib?

We have *finally* reached the stage where Maximus is playing games when he’s supposed to take a nap or go to bed. It starts with some head shaking to let us know that he does not agree with the bedtime statement. {Let’s talk about how thankful I am that he doesn’t say the word NO yet!} Sometimes he drops to the ground and pretends to sleep on the floor. Other times he asks for another book. {Does he understand the “just one more book” concept?}

When we get him into his crib he’s been trying to put a leg up and climb out. He doesn’t look like he’s got the skill yet, but I’m sure with a few days of practice he can muster the coordination to get that foot on top of the crib edge. He also plays a game of I-won’t-lay-down-so-you-can’t-cover-me-up. That obviously equals NO BEDTIME MOMMY!

He’ll be two at the end of July. The week of his birthday we’ll be home on vacation all week. I’m wondering if I should try and contain him in his crib for as long as possible, or spend that week trying to develop a sleep routine in a bed full of freedom.

What are your thoughts? Does it matter to any of us if we switch him over a weekend or a week when no one has to get up in the morning? Until this weekend, he wasn’t showing any interest in climbing out and I was thinking I’d hold off until he didn’t fit or was climbing out. I think I’m floating on borrowed time after the change I saw yesterday.

Should I buck up and think about moving him? He sleeps on a cot at daycare. It took him about three days to transition, but I believe the power of peer pressure has/had a lot to do with the success of it. And also a daycare provider sternly eyeing him and telling him not to get up. We all know the truth that children listen better to them than us. They know our weaknesses. 🙂 {Of course I’ll wait until you decide to lay down so I can cover you up little sweet toddler.}

Should I stop over thinking and just do?!

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