Debt free!!

4 thoughts on “Debt free!!”

  1. That is so awesome! We did FPU 3 years ago. We’re still working on our debt snowball, but we also do things out of order. My husband is in a commission only business (mortgages) so we have to a large emergency fund for months when he doesn’t have any income. We had/have a lot of debt, so it is a slow process, but we have made progress. He was laid off in 2008 for a few months and we didn’t have to use credit cards at all because we were prepared.
    We try to do cash only, but we’ve been very lax about doing it the last several months and it shows in our spending habits. We definitely are more mindful when we are using cash rather than the debit card. I don’t worry about keeping cash at home because no one really knows about it.
    Good luck fine tuning your plan!


    1. Nicole,
      Thanks for your comments! I love to hear about other people’s experiences. I’m so happy to hear that the emergency fund worked in your favor. That is SO awesome! The jump to cash only feels like such a big leap. I don’t understand why it feels so much scarier than using a debt card/checking account. I think society is too engraved in my brain!


  2. Woohoo Legers!! That is AWESOME. You guys really rocked it!! Many congrats!

    We look forward to tackling debt starting this fall as hubby will be employed full-time and we’ll be able to plan a little better!


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