It was more than just moral support

2 thoughts on “It was more than just moral support”

  1. I hope to breastfeed when I am a mom. It’s important to me – not only to nourish our baby, but also for the bonding time. I enjoyed reading about your experiences!


  2. You did a great job lady! I was like you, until I was pregnant, I never gave breastfeeding a second thought. Then when I was pregnant, I knew it was something that I wanted to do. Unlike you, my husband was skeptical. He thought that bottle feeding would be easier, but said if I wanted to breastfeed he would support me. In the end, he was my biggest supporter and cheerleader. I wouldn’t have made it past the three week growth spurt without him. And when I had to stop nursing our younger son when he was three months old, he was there with amazing support and sympathy too. Dads don’t often realize it (especially before their baby is born) but they are a HUGE part of breastfeeding.


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