Monthly tracking and budgeting

I love talking to people about Dave Ramsey and budgeting. I’ve been having a lot more of those conversations lately and I think it’s for a reason. Not only is it helping others, but it’s helping me get the “intensity” back. Bryan and I have a renewed excitement towards our budget and our financial dreams. … Continue reading Monthly tracking and budgeting

Debt free!!

I wrote started writing about our Financial Peace University journey. It was something we half-heartedly started with little expectations. Our only hope was to walk away having learned something. Our class ended about two months ago and we walked away with more than just something. A couple of weeks after our class was over, we … Continue reading Debt free!!

{Financial Peace University} Debt Snowball

Debt snowball. Dave Ramsey’s debt snowball lesson is simple. Start with your smallest debt and attack. Once that debt is paid off, take that payment and apply it to your next smallest debt. It’s a snowball effect. One payment added to another. The unique aspect of this approach is that you aren’t getting rid of … Continue reading {Financial Peace University} Debt Snowball