Friday night BBQ

My favorite part of the weekend was the day I took zero pictures. Not even a camera picture.

This weekend, my city hosted the state BBQ contest. Friday night they had a beer tent, live music, food vendors, and games.

We headed over right after work. After a slight mishap* during the “donation” parking, we got to business about picking out supper. BBQ sandwiches, ribs, sweet corn, nachos, and one beer later, we were full! Besides the live entertaiment, one of the local zumba classes got up and danced / exercised to a few songs.

It is always a great event, but what made it so special was the little baby with us. Last year I got all kinds of “goodies” from the local planned parenthood business. (Who swore they love PLANNED babies.) This year our planned baby got to enjoy the festivities. He crawled around on our blanket and played with a friend. Although their views of playing are much different. Turns out 3 year olds aren’t used to being the jungle gym. Once we ventured over to the beer tent Maximus danced in my arms. Our little crawler was perfectly content being held and snuggled. Once he got tired he snuggled in and went to sleep. I enjoyed the snuggle time since it has been few and far between lately.

I’m thankful for a baby who is happy and (so far) well behaved in public. It makes all the difference between fun and relaxing and work and stressful.

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