10 months

10 months
May 29, 2011

I’m almost a month late on the 10 month post, but at least I’m getting it posted.

Maximus has had a good month 10 of life. He has become a professional crawler. The way I see it, professional level is the position of crawling without thinking. He just does. And he spends the majority of his awake time crawling. There’s not a whole lot of sitting quietly at our house.

May_2011 014_redo
At his cousin's high school graduation

In fact, there’s not a whole lot of quiet at all. Maximus spends all of his time either chatting, squealing, or banging toys together. His favorite “words” are dada, daaad, daadddAA, maaama, and nana. He hasn’t learned that they mean specific things, but he uses them often!

During the 10th month, Maximus has worked diligently on pulling himself up. He went from just pulling himself up on my lap, to pulling himself up on objects. Toy basket…check! Metal dog toy bucket…heck yes! Couch…easy! Coffee table…you bet! Garbage can…sure! Mama’s legs…no problem! And as of the past few days… wall? sliding glass door? I’M GAME! It seems that Maximus has turned a corner. He’s gained the skills to stand up with little support. It’s less of an accidental standing to a deliberate standing with a little support.

It seems my little baby is quickly on his way to toddlerhood! I’m taking it one day at a time so I don’t freak myself out. For example, I could really get worked up about our recent developments. It seems standing with the help of a WALL wasn’t good enough. Now, we need to MOVE while in a standing position. Hold me. He moves his feet to get to other places while he’s standing. I think in the grown-up world they call that walking. In my world I’m just calling that “advanced standing.”

Busy baby

Maximus has also been working on his chewing skills. Whoever created Cheerios is a genius! I almost felt bad for holding out on Maximus so long. I hope he doesn’t grow up to resent us for not giving him Cheerios the second he was born. {Har, har.} He shovels those little circles in with both hands. But, sometimes he is nice enough to share. He’s pretty good about the hand-to-mama’s face coordination. He does a good job of jamming them into my lips. But, he hasn’t mastered the release yet. He just teases and then chomps down on that Cheerio like he was afraid I was going to eat it. It’s a beautiful relationship that they have. And, it’s a great way to get him to open his mouth to baby food if he isn’t cooperating.

May_2011 028_redo
Disclosure: dad fed baby

On the second day of Maximus’s 10th month I bought formula for the first time. I wrote about it over here. When I went back to work, Maximus became a morning and night nurser and frozen breast milk drinker during the day. In May we used up all the freezer stash so we moved on to formula during the day. In combination with solids, he had dropped one bottle during the day. We continued sippy cup and straw training so we didn’t have to worry about the lack of fluids. Straws were easier to figure out than the sippy cup and he sometimes forgets that he has to tip his head back to drink out of a sippy. He’s getting to the point where he doesn’t always want to eat off of a spoon. He’d rather do it himself. I know we’re just getting our feet wet with this “do it himself” stuff.

Another important milestone this month was learning peek-a-boo. One Saturday morning Maximus was playing with a towel. I was watching him to make sure he wasn’t putting it in his mouth and I realized that he kept putting it over his head. The next time he did it I said peek-a-boo and he cracked a wide smile. He did it for about ten minutes and ended in a fit of giggles.

Lots has been happening with Maximus this 10th month. We’re enjoying watching him learn, grow, and get into trouble!

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