Back to the grind

My holiday break is officially over. It’s Sunday night and my baby is sleeping. Praise the Lord!

I think two weeks was too much for him. It wasn’t structured enough. He hasn’t been given set nap times at daycare or at home. I think last week proved that it’s time to start him on some set times! When I put him in his crib to nap he did pretty good. When he was in his swing in the living room, sometimes good and somethings not good. And when nothing else works, usually a snuggle nap with mommy does the trick. Today he had three naps. All of them on me. It was that kind of day. Any chance of being productive on my last day at home was shot out the window!

Here’s a glimpse at how we spent our last day of the holiday break.

So much to look at!
Maximus loves to stand up. If he’s fussing you can usually solve it by having him stand up. He thinks he’s the coolest baby on the block! He grins from ear-to-ear and then usually tries to eat my face. (Pretty much any contact with me involves him trying to eat my face.)
Because he loves to stand up, we figured he was about ready for his bounce-a-bout. It’s a toy where the baby is suspended in a seat and they can move, bounce, spin, and play with all kinds of toys. Bryan put it together this morning and he loved it! There was so much to look at, pull, spin, push, and grab.
Moving feet


The “seat” is adjustable so his toes just barely touch the bottom. But they touch enough that he can move the bottom part (orange) up and down. (He can move the orange section so he can spin around to see all the toys and “jump” when he gets really excited.)

 Mornings seem to be his favorite time of the day. He spends a lot of time squealing, playing with toys, and rolling. Given his good demeanor, we tried the new toy out during his happy playtime. He spent about 30-40 minutes hanging out in his bounce-a-bout. We call that a huge success these last few days!
Busy little hands


I love the concentration that he’s showing in this picture. When we give him toys to play with while he sits in his bumbo seat, he just throws them on the floor. Then he tries to chew on the tray. When he’s sitting on our laps he wants to suck on our hands.
This look is new for us and I love it! You can see his little mind working real hard. 🙂 In this picture he’s holding on to a flower that you can click. Every time you click it there’s a clicking sound. The other hand is spinning that ball in front of his face. He working real hard to get it going fast. He likes when he can make toys spin. There’s also a toy that you can push the top and it spins balls around inside. Bryan did it a couple of times real quick and then Maximus got it to go twice!  
As was the pattern with most of our week, the mornings started out really well and then flopped around lunchtime. The afternoon’s brought a really needy, fussy baby. Neither of us are used to this behavior and are both left scratching our heads wondering what has brought it on. I keep wondering if he’s close to getting teeth. Everyone always goes into his mouth, but he’s getting really good at trying to chew on my chin. And he always wants my fingers in his mouth so he can gum them. But, he’s not coordinated enough to put toys in his mouth. He tries sometimes, but seems to forget that he can do it the same way he puts my fingers in there. Or, maybe it’s just a growth spurt. Either way, I hope he has a good week and doesn’t spend the evenings fussing and sleeping.
After looking at these pictures you probably don’t believe that he wasn’t a happy baby today. Here’s the proof on my day 2 of posting a picture a day.

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