Our week in iphone pictures

Our little family has really enjoyed our two weeks of
vacation! We’ve done some projects, been lazy, and gone out of
town. It’s been perfect for us!

Maximus was
whiny and didn’t want to be put down. So he helped mommy vacuum.

Standing up with
daddy and chewing on his new Sophie.

Taking a nap in
his crib.

Playing with a
new teething ring.


Little dude from
the hood!

Noming mommy’s

He loves

Another day of
being needy. Helping mommy do laundry and make dinner.

Playing on his

3 thoughts on “Our week in iphone pictures

  1. What a handsome little dude. I love the name Maximus, it is
    so regal sounding! Do you guys call him max for short, or? The
    picture of him standing is so cute. I miss when they are that
    little! Have a great 2011, mama!

    1. Thanks! We’re sticking with Maximus for now. We started out with Max but decided we wanted more.

      I’m loving this new stage. He’s so proud of himself when he gets to stand up or sit up! And the squealing is awesome or so he thinks. Our ears disagree!

  2. So cute! Lovin’ the stripes! :o) Looks like a fantastic week.

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