Merry Christmas…

…from our family to your’s!

2010 Christmas card

Our wish is that you were blessed with a joyous Christmas and an even better new year.

Baby’s first Christmas was wonderful! Maximus got lots of good presents and skipped lots of naps. 🙂 He snuggled with many and tried to suck on a few faces. I feel blessed to be his number once choice of face sucking but I’m glad he shared the wealth. He got lots of clothes and beginner toys. Currently, he’s wants to suck on everything so many of these new toys will come in handy…once he figures out he can bring it up to his mouth. His current straight-into-the-mouth favorites are: his hands, my hands, anyone’s hands, arms even work, toys on grandma / grandpa ‘s swing, shoulders, and a few times he’s found those bare toes.
As my family letter said, we look forward to another year of health, happiness, and a growing Maximus!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
The Leger’s

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