Baby’s First Santa Sighting

On Wednesday, December 21 we went to the mall to visit Santa. At our previous stop, Maximus fell asleep. I really wanted to get a picture so we stuck to the plan.

He woke up as we moved his car seat from the car to the stroller. He looked really confused and like he might go back under. As soon as we got in line, he started crying. Uh oh! I pulled him from his car seat and he calmed down. He clung to my hair and collar and sucked on his hand. I was a little nervous about handing him over to a stranger in a weird outfit but we were going to see how it went. If I had a crying picture I knew it would be the first of many. 🙂

After 10 minutes we were up. I handed my little guy over to a Santa who looked like he was a pro at holding babies. I caught Maximus’ attention and he beamed from ear-to-ear and showed how cool he was. I like to think the caption for his picture says, “This Santa dude is totally cool.”

He didn’t ask for anything but I heard Santa tell his elf that Maximus would like a Cy story book and Sophie the Giraffe. I think he’ll like this Santa character, even if he can seem a bit scary.

Oh yah, the “mall” doesn’t allow personal cameras so this is a picture of a picture.

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