Baby Quinten: Four Months

I think I can start every month post about how I can’t believe he’s X months old already. Although, I’m a little less surprised by him being four months. I don’t feel like he’s changed a lot in the past month. He learned to roll over and was spending all his floor time doing so. Now? Eh, old news. He’s happy to stay on his back and crane his neck to watch tv or play with toys dangling above him.

He’s the most happy when someone is talking to him. I was under the impression that a baby who is by himself cries and you have to pick him up. He usually needs a change of something – food, snuggles, clean diaper, or a different position. Well, Quinten cries and a lot of the time you can stop him with words. This may be an indication of my future … center of attention? We have been using this to our advantage when meals are being prepared, “Maximus, can you go talk to Quinten?” Maximus has the cutest big brother voice. Ironically, it sounds a lot like the baby voice that he used to tell me not to use. 🙂

Quinten had his four-month visit yesterday. I’ll sum last night up with a few words: shots can die. Related, I’ll be going to bed as soon as he does tonight!

Weight: 16 pounds, 3 ounces (59%)
Height: 26 inches (76%)
Head: (56%)

His arms are so big that he looks like he has defined muscles. His poor little hands and feet look like they are going to explode and knuckles are almost non-existent. I can’t adequately put into words how much I love his cheeks. They are the softest, squishiest things. He’s the most adorable fat baby, but I’m completely biased. 🙂

He hasn’t gained weight in almost four weeks but he has been getting longer. I never thought I’d have a baby who was in the upper part of a height group! I am afraid that is zero indication of his height later in life. It’s probably one of those things that is the opposite. A tall baby equals a short adult. Sorry, Quinten, unlucky genes. It also looks like his body has caught up with his head. Hopefully that means we won’t have issues with shirts! Speaking of clothes, I brought the rest of my 6-9 month clothes upstairs. After a weekend of busting out of onesies, I decided that maybe some of the 6 month stuff was too small. I’m in a whole new world with this one. Maximus has always worn the size of his age. {He also pees A LOT. No question that he stays hydrated!}

Sleep isn’t worth talking about. I’m at a loss. He slept through the night weeks 12 and 13. He hasn’t gone more than two nights in a row since. It started with a growth spurt and then a cold and now I’m not sure, but we are coming back around to another cold and he’s due for another growth spurt too. He started rolling over in his sleep a few weeks ago so we took off the swaddle and started putting him in sleep sacks. I don’t think it has bothered his sleep too much. Other than two nights, we always find him on his back or curled to his side.

He’s starting to get mad about being in a horizontal position all the time. He’s got real good head control and has gotten pretty good at the Yoda seat. He also likes sitting on our laps so he can watch everyone. It makes me sad that he wants less to do with snuggling into me and more facing out towards the rest of the world.


Quinten doesn’t like the swing as much as Maximus did. Ironically, he likes the bouncer better, which is much smaller. He looks ridiculous in there because he’s so big. Maximus barely used it and only did when he was itty, bitty so it’s weird to see Quinten in it. br />

I’ve done this before so I know they grow up fast, but it’s hard to keep track of every little change when there are TWO growing up before your eyes. I feel like I’m constantly darting back and forth to make sure I memorize everything.

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