Why I love Him

Life has been pretty crazy the past year so this year I made a goal to read at least 12 books. It’s embarrassing for a reader to set a goal that low, but that’s all I can commit to right now. In January I read The 5 Love Languages. I had no idea what to expect and at times felt like it was for those suffering from marital problems. Overall, it was good and I learned some great things from it. It gave me the idea to publicly thank my husband. I appreciate and love him so much, but I don’t always do a good job of communicating that outside of I love yous.

Bryan, you are an amazing husband and father. I am reminded of this daily and am forever drowning in love for you.

  • You share in all family chores. If I’m not feeling well or am stressed out, you do more than your share of chores. You let me lay on the couch after The Sleepless Nights. Not only do I get to veg out during kid hours, but you vacuum the house, clean the kitchen, and do laundry. You find a way to make the house cleaner because you know it will also make me feel better.
  • You give the best hugs. Strong, solid hugs that make all my worries disappear.
  • You provide for our family. We may be a dual-income family, but you are the main provider in the planning sense. You make sure our finances are in order each month, make sure we’re setting our children up for a good future, make sure weare set up for the future, push us to save money and stay away from debt, pay the bills, write the daycare check each week, and make sure I’m a part of the decision-making.
  • You push me. To be a better person, to be more, and to accomplish my dreams. You push me to try new things for hobbies or fun.
  • You grocery shop. You take my list or come along with me. You saw that it was another thing I had to do and you started helping out. You also cook when things are too crazy. You take my meal plans and make the food. When supper is over, you clean up the kitchen. You ensure we have a spotless kitchen every night before we go to bed.
  • You love our babies and you play with them. Snuggling them, making funny faces, coloring, giving piggyback rides, wrestling on the floor, or playing hide-and-go-seek.
  • You let me sleep in on the weekends. Since Maximus was born, you’ve gotten up with him and taken care of him while I sleep. You tell me to take naps and are ok with me going to bed earlier than the nursing home people across the street. You understand that I need sleep and you sacrifice our only free hours to let me do it.
  • You change diapers and give baths. You never complain about doing either. You change just as many diapers as I do, sometimes more. You get up most nights to retrieve Quinten from his room so I can feed him.
  • You get my stuff ready in the mornings. You put together my breakfast or lunch bag. You fill up my water. You get all my pump parts and put them in the bag. Then, you put all my stuff in the car! If we ride together, you carry some of my stuff into work.
  • You sing and play music for our babies. You sing your music, other people’s music, and silly kid songs. I could listen to you play the guitar for hours. You taught Maximus rhythm at such a young age; he’s got more drumming skills than I do!
  • You support me in everything. From breastfeeding to exercising to eating healthy. You support me because it’s important to me and you believe in me. You encourage me to try new things and join groups and committees. You go to events that don’t interest you, but you do it for me.
  • You remind me that it’s ok to feel stressed out, but it’s not worth it. You tell me to take a breath and forget about it. You find a way to help me deal with it whether it’s a can of pop or a break on the couch or giving me my phone and telling me to zone out. You send me text messages like this, “I love you and hope you have a good day.”
  • You encourage me. You remind me of my strengths and tell me I can do anything. You compliment me on the things that are important to me.
  • You make me smile and know how to be silly to make me laugh. Sometimes you’re silly to lighten the mood and other times I laugh just because you’re a funny guy. You know how to make Maximus laugh, too.

These are just some of the things you’ve done recently that have reminded me why I love you so much. This list will continue to bend and move as the years go on and our life shifts. I am so lucky that I get to travel this journey with you. The I love yous seem weak in comparison, but they mean all of this.


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  1. sounds like a keeper 🙂

  2. I love this!

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