He’s a rolly-polly baby

Quinten is basically a professional roller. He’s been doing it for a few weeks, but I’ve been too busy to say much about it. I think I posted a picture on some social media site. Or, I hope I did because that’s basically why you have children. Fill up the pictures and words with baby things. Some day I’ll have regular, grownup thoughts again. They won’t be consumed with sleeping patterns or feeding schedules or potty times. Pretty soon I’ll blink and this stage will be gone. In the meantime, I still get excited every time I see Quinten roll from his back to his stomach. I know why they call it rolling over, but I’m afraid I missed out with Maximus. I literally watched him learn to roll over, but Quinten ROLLS over. Like I’m not sure if he learned to do it or his chubby rolls shifted and tipped him on his side and so on until he was on his stomach. It’s like he’s sliding toward something, nothing can stop him once he starts shifting. It’s awesome.


He hangs out on his back for a while, talking to people or watching his hands. Then he shifts and rolls to the side.


He likes sleeping on his side. Most mornings we find him with his legs tucked up in the fetal position and his hands clasp together.


Then, of course, he ends up on his stomach. Sometimes his right arm gets stuck under his little body. Other times he quickly rolls back onto his back. Sometimes he sucks on his hands and snuggles with the floor and other times he cranes his neck and squawks for attention.

I know every baby does it, but it’s so special to watch your helpless infant turn into a mobile baby. Now we wait for those middle of the night cries because his feet are stuck in the crib railings. I know it’s just around the corner. That little dude uses up all of the crib real estate during the night. If I check on him five times, he’ll be in five different spots and five different positions. Some day I’ll talk about other things, like baseball games and report cards. But, right now I’m enjoying the life of a baby.

2 thoughts on “He’s a rolly-polly baby

  1. Awe, he looks so cute and cuddly! And what a good roller! If he’s so interested in moving, imagine what he’ll be like when he starts crawling and walking!

    1. Maximus was a slow mover, I think Quinten is going to be the opposite! I can already tell they have a lot of different traits. He may be my trouble-maker…. 🙂

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