{Not} Handling Stress

Writer’s always have words. Except when they don’t. I was given the gift of words. Not necessarily the right words, but lots of them. Ahem, the gift of gab, if you will.

Today. Yesterday. I don’t have any words. I’m not feeling well, I’ve had a headache for more than 24 hours. It’s one of those that is a headache for a few hours, then a migraine for way too many hours, and now can’t decide if it’s sticking around as a headache or going away. It’s the kind that you go to sleep with and wake up in the middle of the night wondering how it can possibly hurt that much. The good news is that I can look at bright things without wanted to stab myself in the eyeballs. And I can hear loud things without wanting to scream and hide under a sound proof pillow.

I’m trying desperately not to think about all the work that I missed today. The projects that didn’t have time built in for a sick day. All the emails that I haven’t been able to look at because I had two hours of free time between Monday and Tuesday. And then add in all of Wednesday. Yah, all those things that very well could be to blame for the past 24 hours. I’ve done a really good job of  not checking on them, because I know it’ll stress me out and at this point my brain can’t handle to be stressed out. It has reached capacity.

I basically went to bed at 8 last night and was awake for two hours today while the house was quiet. Since the family has been home, I’ve been busy cleaning the kitchen or putting a toddler to bed. Now that he’s dreaming of his next big crash off a bike or a wonderful day filled with nothing but cookies, I’m very tempted to go back to bed. I fear that with my luck I’ll fall asleep for a few hours and then wake up in the middle of the night and be completely and utterly awake. Do you know what happens to me in the middle of the night when I’m awake? I write emails. Work. I can’t get away from it! And it only adds to my stress because it’s usually something that wasn’t originally on my to-do list, but I know it needs to be done. BLAH!

It sounds like I need to find a better way to handle my daytime stress. Or, ride it out for the next three weeks and hope it calms down after that. Except, I’m pretty sure it won’t because eventually I’ll start feeling the stress of being gone and I’ll be rushing around trying to get things done before my maternity leave starts. Because, you guys, I feel like this pregnancy is already over and I haven’t started the third trimester. That’s how quickly the first two have gone. I’m afraid I’ll blink and it’ll be Christmas. Then all these “things” I needed to do during the fall will still need to be done. {Like Christmas shopping! When? NOW!}

So, I didn’t think I had any words. I thought my brain was too overwhelmed with life to find any words. It turns out that they were just hidden behind the cloudiness of my brain that was trying to ooze out of my eyeballs. Here’s to my head getting back to normal, my sinuses clearing up, and my stress level going down a notch!

How do you handle stress? I clearly need some pointers!

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