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Photography is a hot topic across the Internet. Around almost every corner is an up and coming new photographer. I’ll even admit to owning a nice camera and trying my hand at manual mode. Heck, I even know how to use Photoshop. Trust me when I tell you I’ve taken a lot of pictures of Maximus. You’ve seen a number of them on this blog. I even asked for a photo printer for Christmas last year. So I can take my own pictures, process them, print them, and hang on my wall!
BUT, when it comes to family pictures or milestone pictures, I call my favorite professional photographers. I call the ones who live and breathe NEW photography. Stalzer Photography brings you into their hearts and put as much into their work as you do your own family. It’s an experience – the shoot, picking the prints, receiving the prints.

One of the things I love the most is that they always go to conventions or order new props. They love learning new things that make them unique. And they love trying new things on their customers. Multiple times I’ve logged into Facebook and see them on my timeline asking for someone to test out a new prop or technique.

John and Mackenzie recently came back from Nashville, where Mackenzie received her masters in photography! That’s why I go to them; always bettering themselves. Mackenzie recently contacted me about a fun new idea she was having. She wanted to create business cards for me with pictures of Maximus. In return, I asked her for the digital copies so I could share with my online friends too!

Here is the front of the card. All photos are from Maximus’ 1 year shoot. You’d never know that it was supper time and this kid was hungry. In between outfit changes, he drank milk. The blue outfit was the last one and he was ready to leave. They did such a good job of entertaining and capturing his true personality even though he didn’t always want to be there.

(C) Stalzer Photography







The back of the card is a promotion for their Kids Club program. Babies change so much in the first year and beyond, Stalzer Photography created a program to help capture those special times. An annual fee of $25, session fees of $20, 50% off prints photographed January – June, 25% off prints photographed July – December. What a deal!

(C) Stalzer Photography







I’m getting these super cute business cards to share with my family and friends to show what amazing work Stalzer Photography does. Their new kids program starts up in March, so if you’ve got littles that need some super special pictures, call them today! Tell them Maximus sent you and you’ll get 5 FREE Facebook pictures too!

Make sure you check out their Facebook page to see some of their great work!

Disclosure: It was my idea to share digital copies of the business cards. These words are my own and Stalzer Photography has not given me anything in exchange for them. But, they do provide me with amazing photos every time I go in!

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  1. Having family in Mtown, I’m familiar with their work – good stuff!!!

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