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I’ve been laid up for 21 days. TWENTY-ONE DAYS! I’m not sure how I’ve survived, except that first week of waiting that I spent in a recliner, so I wasn’t exactly flat on my back. So, 6 days in the recliner and 15 days on the couch.

I am officially over being on the couch with my foot elevated and sleeping with my foot elevated. Something hit me this afternoon and I’m restless. I’m over having a broken foot!

I can’t cover up my foot because blankets weigh down my foot. I’m sick of laying on my back. I want to sleep on my side or stomach.

I’m over the majority of the pain, but now my incision burns and my foot gets very agitated. As in my foot isn’t as swollen as it used to be so it can move around and rests against rough spots.

I can’t get comfortable – too hot, then too cold. I get neck kinks and my shoulders hurt from not moving.

I get out of breath when I hobble (crutch) around the house. I have to slowly move my foot down “levels” of pillows / couch / floor before I can stand up so the blood rush doesn’t knock me over because of pain.

Like I said, I’m over having a broken foot!

On the bright side, my husband is getting really good at heating up frozen meals that were given to us. Thankfully we have an amazing network of friends and family who have generously given us frozen meals or brought us lunches. As long as I remind him to set out the food, he does a really good job!

Another bright side is that Maximus spent a lot of time sitting on my lap today. Granted, he was trying to get to a phone or remote 80% of the time. But, he gave me a lot hugs and kisses too so it’s a win in my book!

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