How I spent my Saturday night

I’ve been quiet on social media today. Saturday was an ok day for recovery. I stayed on the couch all day and took my meds as often as I could. I even spent the evening hours watching Entourage with Bryan. At one point I forgot that I had a broken foot. It was nice. Even a little relaxing.

I was having some stomach discomfort. Actually a lot of it. I still am, but not the gut clutching that was happening yesterday. We were trying to figure out what I could do to eliminate that. {post-birth gas tabs help a little. Sorry.}

I went to the bathroom before bed and couldn’t shake a lightheaded feeling. I take my time because I know it’s important to get my blood flowing, but oh does it hurt. HURT! I tried breathing through the feeling, shutting my eyes, leaning my head on the wall, and bending forward as much as possible {not much}. Nothing worked. I shakily called Bryan’s name and told him I felt weird.

He picked me up like a baby and I wrapped my arms around his neck as tight as I could. Looking back I probably did that on purpose so I didn’t fall if I passed out. I remember going out of the bathroom. Then I fainted. The next thing I remember was laying on the bed feeling the most excruciating stomach pain and calling Bryan’s name. He tells me he had the pleasure of watching my eyes roll back into my head. Gross!

He got me situated on the bed so I didn’t pass out again. I couldn’t do anything besides lay there with my eyes shut. I barely had the energy to talk to him. He tried to call first nurse but was on hold for about 10 minutes. Finally I was able to tell him I thought I’d be ok.

I spent most of the today refusing any medication and then suffering because of that. I’ve finally started taking one pain pill again and it’s helped tremendously! We’re not sure what caused me to faint. Could be the meds, could be lack of blood flow, could be lack of food. Either way, it was a scary way to spend the midnight hours of Saturday night!

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