Another recovery post…only day 3

Three days into recovery. Whew! It seems like its been a lot longer than that. Probably that week between breaking and surgery.

I went in for an X-ray and check today.


Yup, two pins in my foot. Looks pretty creepy, huh? I can assure you that it was in NO way fun for them to snap those “pictures.” Holy ouch! I thought either the wheel chair or my foot would come out more broke. Thankfully neither happened.

Do you want to see the stitches? I don’t really even want to see it. I can only look at the picture for a second. I barely looked at my actual foot. Gross! Here it is…or scroll down!

Ugh. Yuck!

Everything looks fine. I’m still rocking the pretty yellow tone around most of my foot. My 4th and 5th toes swell pretty easily and my outside ankle area is pretty enlarged. They took off the bandages and foam backing and covered me back up with a full cast.

The doctor refilled my prescription after I told him I was barely making it the allotted time. {He’d already approved me doubling it.} He did tell me that the most pain comes in day 3-5. So…will I be seeing MORE pain? I hope not!

In the meantime, I’m going to try and sleep days 3-5 away. Especially since my foot is starting to hurt again and I’ve got 2 more hours until my next dose.

Watch out for ninjas and bears. Nothing good comes from them.


3 thoughts on “Another recovery post…only day 3

  1. Kate

    Wow! Bad as the stitches look, the foot looks a lot better than it did with the swollen bump on the side! Pain meds can be our friends.

    Take care.

    1. Yes, it does! I was surprised to see that the whole thing wasn’t very big. I can definitely feel it when it swells so I imagined it would look big normally.

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