Happy birthday to ME!

I could should have spent my birthday laying on the couch with my foot up. Instead, I got spoiled! Bryan took the day off {and let Maximus sleep in} to pamper me. He helped me take a bath. A BATH! It’s been a long seven days since I last bathed myself. Since I haven’t done anything in the past week, I don’t think I was smelly. But for the love of all hair products, my hair needed to be washed! The irony is that I had a hair cut this afternoon. So, I took a bath and felt FRESH and amazing. No fear, my leg was garbage bagged so it couldn’t get wet. And then it dangled outside the tub. It wasn’t too bad, but I wasn’t taken a leisurely bath either. Bath – check! That was one of the things I requested for my birthday. Well, it was a shower but a bath did the trick too.

Next, I put on sweatpants and mascara and a pretty cowl scarf. Bryan grabbed a couple of pillows and pain meds and we headed to the car. He bought me a MacBook Pro! There aren’t a lot of words to say, other than my husband is amazing and spoils me way too much! He did it partly out of the fact that I’m laying on the couch doing nothing for a few weeks, but also because I’ve wanted one for so long so. So! Hopefully you’ll see me around here more often. 🙂

Then of course I had a real hair wash. That felt great. The cut and style made me feel like a new woman. I didn’t recognize myself in the mirror. My hair gets really dark red when it gets greasy so the color looks completely different and there’s actual style in it! Laying on your back 24/7 doesn’t do much for your hair. 🙂

I got to rest on the couch for an hour before the next plans – dinner! I picked a local chinese restaurant. When I decided on that I didn’t think I was going to be leaving the house at all today so I thought it was a good idea to get out of the house. The “surprise” was on me! Dinner was good and the leftovers will be delicious. It’s always a toss-up when you go out to eat with a toddler. He did very well until he started laughing at my dad. His laugh is adorable, but he started cracking.the.heck.up. He’s never seen anything funnier. Little dude started getting loud! We let him out of his seat and he was a little quieter. We’ll do it again, so that means he wasn’t too bad.

It’s almost 9 and I am exhausted. I can barely keep my eyes open. I might have to wait until tomorrow to really enjoy my new laptop. I’ll have plenty of time after all. I probably shouldn’t end without letting you know how my foot is doing. I’m ready to take another pain pill. I’m down to one instead of two. I take it every 4-6 hours and don’t take any during the night. That’s better than when I was taking two and barely making it 4 hours. I would have taken them every 2 1/2 if Bryan would have let me! I’m cutting back and extended, which is what the doctor thought I’d start doing. Right now I can “feel” the outside of my foot. That means it’s not severe pain or throbbing. It’s kind of an achy feeling. But if I get up, all the blood rushing to my foot will cause a lot of pain in my whole foot. By taking a pain pill, the achy feeling will go away and when I stand up the pain will be less severe and a lot shorter. I think I’m on the uphill side of this “ordeal!”

I didn’t expect my 29th birthday to start or end this way. It just goes to show that you never know the path life will take you. I’m feeling extra blessed and spoiled January 24th of 2012!

3 thoughts on “Happy birthday to ME!

  1. happy birthday! Glad you are beginning to feel a bit better!

  2. Happy Birthday, Kyley! What an awesome husband you have, cherish him!!! Praying for your recovery!

  3. […] even remember using the number 29. Probably because of  the broken foot, I spent it like this. Today, I start using a new, big number. THIRTY. […]

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