Goaling it up in 2012

We’re back on the road again. We rang in the new year with college friends and celebrated the addition of a new lady into our circle. We’re a pretty welcoming bunch anyway. It doesn’t take a wedding to bring another in. But as one of our friends said during his toast, now the guys put her first. “It doesn’t matter who’s wife it is. Happy wife means happy life.” So, we all officially welcome her in and the guys gain another woman to look after. {Yes, I cried during that toast. And all the other ones too.}

I’m not much into dwelling on the past. I’m more of a forward thinking gal. When I look ahead to 2012, my mind bounces around like a pogo stick. I’ve got lots of personal and career goals. None of which I’ll be posting on the Internet. Goals are more personal for me. They aren’t resolutions because I’m not resolving to change anything. I just have things I’d like to accomplish and I see January as a good time to start working on those.

I have lots of goals. Home goals, self-image goals, family goals, financial goals, worker goals, manager goals, and whatever pops into my mind. At work I write down my goals at the beginning of the fiscal year. At home we do a little of the same. We have home project “things” and monetary goals that get written down throughout the year.

This year I’m excited to use my new MomAgenda planner to keep better track of my life. I hope that 2012 brings a firmer understanding and balance to this crazy life I’m living. I hope to find a comfortable balance between personal and work. Knowing fully that this may or may not include all the things that are important to me right now. The thing is, I’m ok with that. I’m ok with change. As I get older priorities change and I’ve learned to accept and adapt.

I raise my {liter} water bottle to you. I pray that 2012 brings you happiness and health. Whatever those definitions are to you, I hope you experience both to the fullest!

Do you create new year resolutions? How do you “track” them?

2 thoughts on “Goaling it up in 2012

  1. Resolutions? Oh yeah! I’m your list girl after all. Although I guess now it’s cool to call them goals because then it doesn’t matter if you kind of fail them – you can keep trying? Or something. Anyway. Goals. Resolutions. I have them. I wrote them down – on my blog, in fact. And in a journal which I’m hoping to write in/look at every day. Wish me luck! And cheers! *clinks water bottle*

    1. I think I might end up sharing some of mine too. We’ll see. Or sharing after they get done. Who knows!

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