A Wedding and a New Year Celebration…The Same Day!

Our new year was more unique than it’s ever been before. I can say that with complete confidence. It’s going to be hard to top that night. And the icing on the cake is that we spent it with college friends.

Like most cross-country group trips, we piled into a couple of vehicles and drove 10 or 11-hours to get to our wedding destination in Michigan. I have a feeling that the couple expected a beautiful winter wonderland for their special day. Instead, they got a brisk fallish day. We were surprised to see rivers still flowing through the quaint town. Known for it’s Christmas attractions {hello, GIANT Christmas store open 361 days a year!}, the town was geared up for the holidays. The church, dresses, girls, bride, and decorations were all beautiful. From an outsider perspective, everything looked perfect!

THEN the reception started. Assigned seats were handed out via an ornament display {that we got to take home in a personalized ornament box}. Wine and beer were on the tables. We listened to toasts that made all the women {and a majority of the men} tear up. My favorite toast was by one of Bryan’s college roommates. It was the essence of a great toast – we laughed, we cried, and we aww’ed. That’s right. He won the crowd over right away by publicly renouncing his dedication to the groom and announcing that his new aliance was to the bride. As he so correctly told the guests, “a happy wife means a happy life” and that now included the new bride. All together now – AWWW!

  • Appetizers were delivered to our table – soup, pastas, coleslaw, bread, and pea salad.
  • The “family style” food came next. Mashed potatoes. Cheese stuffed potatoes. Noodles. Green beans. Ham. Roast beef. Fried chicken. Smoked pork loin. Breaded pork. Pork sausage. Chicken livers. Sauerkraut. Dressing.
  • THEN, they gave us dessert! Ice cream and our choice of three cakes.

The amount of food at our table was ridiculous. Beyond ridiculous. Our college family came no where near close to eating it all. Well, except for those cheese puff potatoes. Those suckers were goners.


The reception was like any other – dancing, music, and flowing drinks. We all enjoyed the photobooth and picture props. {Now to figure out a creative way to display those beautiful pieces.} As if we hadn’t consumed enough calories and carbs during the meal, the couple provided warm breaded pretzels and pizza at 10 p.m. Ya’ll, I needed more food like I needed another hole in my head. Seriously! During a normal meal I look four months pregnant. Don’t even talk to me about how I looked after this meal. Jeesh. I know it’s the holidays and all, but this couple gave me no chance of not gaining at least five pounds during those two hours alone.


As the clock crept closer to 12, a projector and laptop were set up to stream the New York City countdown. Party favors, hats, and tieras were passed around and everyone tested their noisemakers for a good 20 minutes before that ball dropped. {It was like a room of hyped up toddlers. The. NOISE!}


Like I said, it was a reception of epic proporations. The level of food alone would leave anyone with their mouth hanging open. Add all the fun elements and it was a great way to ring in the new year!

What did you do to celebrate 2012?

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