Racing down the interstate…

Wait, lyrics that you don’t know isn’t the best way to start a post. Oh well. I’ve been in the car for 8 of the past 19 hours. That’s roughly 160 songs from Bryan’s music collection. Which translates to 3 songs that the rest of the world would know. {Note: Based on 3-minute songs.} I have heard some oldies that have taken me back to a younger, skinnier, un-married, non-mommy self. So that was fun!

I left my baby yesterday afternoon. I put the most adorable toddler down for a nap. He gave me lots of snuggles as I sang to him. Then he whispered “nigh-nigh” as I put him in his crib. He peeked up and whispered at me one last time as I closed the door.

THEN! It was a mad dash against time! Two hours and change to be exact.

Launder the guest bedroom sheets! Finish organizing my bathroom so it’s presentable for my mother to use. {Plus cross off a personal to-do. Ahhhh!} Eat lunch! Turn on Days, just to listen so I feel like I’m “enjoying” break properly. Try on my dress and make sure the extra pounds post-Maximus also fit into the dress. {Dear White Black, THANK YOU!} Spend time on the treadmill because I’m finally in a routine and have the motivation and drive. {22 minutes! BAM!} Pack!! Shower!

My dad got held up at work so he was running behind by 15-mins. Which coincided with my schedule perfectly because I was running about 30-mins late. Opps! But I got the run in. 🙂 In true toddler fashion, Maximus started talking right before I got into the shower. Thankfully he’s pretty low maintenance and likes to play by himself for a while when he wakes up. I was all the way to drying my hair before he started calling “dada.dada.DADA!”

We made it into the car at the later time of our range, but successfully brought everything. Well except for Bryan’s swimming trunks. I still haven’t told him about the water park at the hotel…. I even remembered my dress, mere minutes, before the car was completely packed. Whew! Major issues on that one!

So we drove to Chicago last night and are on the road to Michigan now. I guess we’re IN Michigan, but about 2 1/2 hours from our destination. I’ve had to pee since we crossed into Indiana, but heck if I’m going to slow down my husband. He’s on a mission to make good time! So I sit here thirsty and wishing for a fuel stop. Cuz y’all this Pathfinder is not made for its luxurious space or fuel efficiency. {But why do I care? I’m usually in the pilot seat!}

Also, thank you iPhone for updating the time for me, but now I’m all kinds of confused about the day, date, AND time. So maybe I added an hour here or there, but I don’t think I did. Heck if I know what time the Iowa State Cyclones play now. I feel like we’re late because we planned our departure time this morning so we’d get there before the game starts. And then the time changed on me. Durr.

I don’t think I’m supposed to wish you a happy and safe New Years Eve yet, but social media and life are confusing me so just in case…HAPPY NEW YEAR!

“Racing down the interstate, not a minute late…” or maybe a few?

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