For the Love of all Things Clean, STOP Peeing on the Floor!

Dear Internet,

I think you’ve been holding out on me. I haven’t seen a single one of you talk about “issues” with bath time. Not one of you has mentioned that you have a {boy} toddler who pees every time his chubby feet touch the tile floor. He’s got no control of that thing! The only good thing is that he stops moving, otherwise I’d be cleaning up a trail of pee!

I will give you credit for warning me that toddlers love to run around naked. NAKED!!!!!! The thrill is amazing! The giggling is even more amazing! So, we let the naked toddler run around between clothes removal and bath time. It’s the perfect time.

“Naked toddler, please run into the bath room.”
“But wait, Mama, first I need to open up my drawer and get my wash cloth. You get my towel. Thanks! BYYYYEEEE!” Chubby feet pounding the floor as he “escapes.”

Then it’s like slow motion. Fast, chubby feet hit the title quickly. But once the rest of his body realizes that they hit cold floor…the peeing. Ugh. The. Peeing.

I’m too busy cleaning the bathroom to ask why none of you talk about toddlers pooping in the bath. Gross. And for the love of all things clean, STOP!


Mama of a naked toddler

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