A not-so-pleasant surprise

This week has been unusual for us. No, this week has been not fun. Ok, it’s been both. The weather is finally nice and we’ve had a sick baby. ūüôĀ

Saturday: Dry cough that sounded more real than the fake coughs he’s been giving us lately. He acted fine, but coughed more than usual.

Sunday: Dry cough and low-grade fever of 99. As his first fever, we both assumed it wasn’t going anywhere, especially since it had a nice friend the cough. He slept a little more than usual but didn’t seem to be too sick. We tried ibuprofen¬†before bed to see if we could break the fever but it didn’t budge.

Monday: Daddy work from home day! The cough got gross and turned into a wet / loose sound. His fever went up and down a little from 100 to 101. Maximus slept ALL day and was only up long enough to eat. So, Bryan got a lot of work done in the quiet of our house. In fact, Bryan woke Maximus every 3-4 hours to feed him.

Tuesday: Daddy worked from home in the morning and mommy was home in the afternoon. The cough sounded worse and his fever was sticking around a high 100. Since I had meetings in the morning, we split the day in half. Maximus spent most of the afternoon sleeping on me so I only got about an hour of work done. There was no playing for this little guy. He was pretty much only awake to eat and went to bed early. We tried ibuprofen again to see if we could get rid of the fever, but a couple of hours later his fever was higher! Bryan and I both spent the evening working. Me, making up my hours and projects that I needed to get done that afternoon. Bryan, just trying to get ahead on things.

Wednesday: Mommy worked from home¬†most of the day. Maximus woke up early and wanted to eat at 5:45. I fed him and put him back to bed. I got up and showered, ate breakfast, and was working by 7 am. Maximus was awake for about an hour in the morning, but only long enough to eat and get a diaper change. Luckily, part of this awake time he was happy¬†in his swing because I was on a conference call. Lots of temperature checks confirmed that his fever was sticking around. During his morning awake time, I was sitting on the couch¬†trying to keep up with his runny nose when I realized I saw something white in his mouth. I put my {clean} finger in there and felt a sharp tooth! I think there are some others hanging out in there too, but I’m not sure. I scheduled an appointment with a friend to look in his ears to make sure he didn’t have an ear infection. We got the confirmation that he didn’t have an ear infection and I went into work for a meeting. After work, the weather was so nice that we decided to go for a walk. Maximus fell asleep along the way and Wrigley enjoyed every second. {I did too since I have yet to start exercising…} Maximus took another nap in the evening and went to bed early.

Thursday: Mommy worked from home day because daddy had meetings. Maximus woke up around 6:30 and was talking in his crib.¬†We hadn’t heard him do this all week so we knew he was feeling better. I left him in there until he got fussy, which was at 9:15! I checked his temp and it had finally broken! 98.6! His face was a mess of dried, crusty snot. If I had my phone I would have documented it. It was ridiculous.¬†He stayed up playing and talking while mommy worked. Back to his normal routine, he took a 1-hour morning nap and¬†took a 4-hour afternoon nap.¬†I know he’s still a little tired but he’s on¬†the mend! He spent his first St. Patrick’s day celebrating his grandpa’s birthday and sitting in his first restaurant high chair.

Friday: Everyone back to their normal schedules! Back to daycare, with the addition of a little white tooth. Back to work in the OFFICE, without yoga pants and NCAA basketball on in the background.

Needless to say, we had another week of firsts. First temperature, first real cold, and first tooth! I hope the next one doesn’t make such a dramatic entrance.

3 thoughts on “A not-so-pleasant surprise

  1. We have had the cold too…but it is the endless one that NEVER goes away. Do you think that and the tooth were connected at all?

    I am glad that you got to get work done from home! My last job I was able to log in…and I was crazy about it!

    1. I’ve decided that I think he had a cold and then the tooth made it worse. And I think the fever was just the tooth. It broke as soon as the tooth came through. Tonight I see the tooth next to it too!

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