4 months going on 4 years

As is the norm the past few weeks, I came home from work to see a sleeping baby snuggled in his snow suit in his car seat. He gets warm and cozy on the ride home from daycare and then my husband leaves him in there until I come home. Usually I slowly start to wake him so he doesn’t get too hot or we can play before he falls asleep for the whole night. When I get home I read his “report card” to see what he did during the day. I see how much he ate in total so I can estimate when he’s going to want to eat again.

Yesterday was a big day for Maximus. He had 8 ounces in one feeding! The big accomplishment is that he kept it all down! His typical meal is about 5 ounces. He’s been known to have 6 or 7 before and it’s 50-50 if he’ll keep it all down. He likes to open his mouth 30 minutes later and let some of it trickle out. I can tell he’s going to be sneaky when he gets older! But yesterday he had 8 ounces and all 8 stayed in!! I know, it doesn’t sound like a big deal. But it’s another example of how big my little baby is getting!

My husband told me that when he went to pick him up, Maximus was sitting in a high chair. Sitting. In. A. High.Chair. I looked at that sweet little baby and said, “You’re not old enough to sit in a high chair. Those are for big boys.” He laughed at me and started sucking on his fingers. So, out the bumbo seat came last night. If the little dude thinks he’s a big boy, well then lets see what he’s got! He sat and played with a toy for a while. He showed me that he’s got mad neck skills and didn’t slouch over once. He’s been doing really well when you play with him on your lap. He thinks he’s big enough to sit up on his own. His new favorite thing is to arch his neck when I lay him down to nurse. He used to lay where I put him and let me move him. Now he thinks he can do it all on his own. He arches his neck and pulls his body towards me. Most of the time he’s wide-mouth grinning at me too. He knows he’s a big deal!

I had a great time playing with him last night! He’s become more interested in things. I slouched down next to him on the couch so my face was next to his as he was sitting propped up. His hands were flying a million miles a minute and he was taking it all in. He used both hands to constantly touch my face and run his hands over my hair. He was really checking things out instead of just trying to find something to hold. He did good until he reached for my glasses and pulled them off my face! Those hands, they are his fav!

This morning I talked with his favorite daycare provider. I know he loves her because he grins from ear-to-ear when we greet her in the mornings. She told me he’s getting real quick at rolling to his side, almost as soon as she puts him down there. So, rolling over is just around the corner! He also loves, loves, loves to stand up when he’s on your lap. He loves standing and going in for a little face time. If you’re not watching him, you’ll be surprised when that slobbery, open mouth comes after your face. He’ll take whatever he can get while grinning about his accomplishment. It’s the cutest dang thing! She said today she’d pull out her bouncer-seat-thingy and see how he liked that.

2 thoughts on “4 months going on 4 years

  1. Amanda

    Ugh, he is growing up too fast!

    1. Tell me about it! I’m thankful that he still looks like a little baby even though he’s not acting like it! 😉

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