Baby Update: 3 months

Maximus tummy time

I can’t believe three months have already gone by! When I think back to the birth of Maximus, it feels like it was years ago. Remembering those first two nights in the hospital…with the glow of the tv, being confined to the bed, feeling utterly exhausted and barely able to keep my eyes open (because I forgot I had contacts in – opps!), watching Bryan pace with Maximus, holding a bundled up Maximus while I tried to sleep…seems like a lifetime ago.

Gone is that little itty bitty newborn. In his place is a BABY. No longer is he fragile. He’s solid and full of wiggles and grins.
Fun facts about the third month of Maximus:
  • He’s showing dominance in his left foot. It travels at a speed that is close to 3:1 to the right. Hands are hit and miss. When the left foot is flying, the right arm is keeping his body balanced. When the feet are slowly moving, the left hand is flying.
  • Hand reflexes are developed! He loves holding on to things. When he would cry when he first started opening his hands, a simple solution was to give him a finger to hold onto. Now he’s always holding something. He holds on to my shirt when he’s nursing, he holds on to his other hand sometimes, he holds onto his burp rag, he holds on to blankets, he holds on to rings that are attached to his car seat, he holds on to anything he can grab.
  • He weighs about 12-13 pounds. We don’t go to the doctor during the third month, so that’s a home estimate.
  • He sleeps through the night, waking around 7 am for a feeding and then goes back to sleep for a couple more hours. He’s had a couple 10 straight hours of sleep, but normal is 7 and a feeding.
  • He joined the big boy world and moved his daytime feedings from every two hours to every three hours.
  • He falls asleep between 8-9 pm.
  • He started daycare. Normally this would be very hard, but when it’s a close family friend it’s much easier! He’s loved, snuggled, and kissed all day long! He’s the only baby so he’s loved by all the kids. And he loves watching them!
  • He’s learned how to eat out of a bottle! He’s gotten good at it instead of taking forever to get anything down.
  • If Maximus is awake, he’s smiling. He loves having people talk to him and loves getting reactions from his smiles. When I wake him in the morning he blinks away the bright light, focuses his eyes, and grins up at me. (Must be his father’s son, I’m not that happy in the morning.)
  • He “talks” a little when he’s really excited. The arms and legs fly and the mouth gets going too.
  • He loves making bubbles. He’s not drooling a lot, but there are lots of bubbles.
  • His hiccups are getting fewer and farther between.
  • He’s wearing 3 month clothes.
  • He’s really smiley in the morning when I wake him up. While I get him dressed, I play a musical puppy (from his cousin Ethan) and he smiles at the sound.
  • He cries when he’s startled.
  • He follows people when they walk away or past him. He turns his head to voices. And he smiles when he recognizes someone.
  • He still enjoys tummy time, but wants something to do while he’s there.
  • He went to a couple Iowa State Cyclone football games.

We’ve had a lot of fun with Maximus this third month of life! Time is going by too quickly, but we’re letting the house take care of itself and we’re enjoying each minute of each day.

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  1. I remember all those things with my first. My second is just four-weeks old today and I’m desperately trying to stop time. It just goes entirely too fast and I’m not ready to lose the squishy newborn that she is for right now!

    He’s adorable! I look forward to reading more!

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