Smiles and snuggles

Today I snuggle a little longer with my little one. Instead of doing laundry or making a grocery list, I settled between the crisp cool sheets of my bed. Laying next to me was a bright, blue-eyed angel. On the face of an angel rested one dimple on his right cheek. With blue eyes staring up at me, the upward curve of his lips turned into a great big grin. With gums hanging out and a left dimple showing it’s self. Those eyes turned a brighter shade of blue and reflected my joy. Great big kicks erupted from his tiny body. Big sighs followed smiles. squeals of joy filled the large space of a bedroom. Arms moving quickly in hopes of accomplishing something. Tiny fingers grasp mine. When they connected, giant smiles brought sunshine to the shaded room. 

Instead of starting my day as I do every other, I took a minute longer to enjoy this little boy. Instead of taking him for granted, I spent time enjoying him just a little more. Those early morning snuggles and smiles are what dreams should be made of. They make mine. They are what gets me through the days and nights. They are what make it so easy to get up in the middle of the night, walk across the cool house, and pick up my son. Most nights, I walk into his room and unswaddle him. In the dim light from the night-light, he looks up at me and smiles a great big smile. Even though he’s hungry, he takes a minute to show his love. It’s moments like those that make it worth the sleep I’m missing out on. It’s those smiles that make the snuggles blow off the chart.

Maximus - 9 weeks old

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