Two months old

A lot happens in two months. Think about everything that has happened to you in the last two months. Two months is most of a summer.

In the span of two months I had a newborn turn into a baby. He went from not responding to voices or faces to following someone in a room. He went from smiling in his sleep to smiling at you. He went from his only noises being cries to cooing and “talking” to people. His movements went from arm and leg spasms to lots of kicking, moving, and griping things. He went from no head control to holding his head up and looking all around. Over the last two months he has learned how to eat, had his first bottle,¬†discovered his favorite ways to snuggle, noticed his puppy, learned to cry when startled, learned to smile and try to mimic our faces, hold on to things for a short period of time, hang out in his Baby Bjorn, enjoy his bouncer, spend time on his back and tummy on his activity mat, take short naps in his swing, and sleep in his own crib. He has been on countless trips including grocery stores, department stores, weddings, softball games, and his first ISU football game.

A lot happens in two months. Most of a summer may seem long when you look at it from a distance or experience it firsthand. But, when you have a baby, two months doesn’t seem long enough! Two months happens faster than you can blink an eye. Two months quickly turns into three months and the next thing you know you’re planning for college.

For his two month checkup, our little guy weighed 10 pounds, 15 ounces and was 24 1/4 inches long.

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