Going home!

When Maximus was three days old, we got to go home. His bilirubin numbers were a little high so we made an appointment to come back on day five. His skin number was 13 and his blood number was 11. Bilirubin numbers peak on days three to five and anything above 15 requires a bilirubin blanket that makes them look like a glow-worm. He had lost more than 10% of his birth weight so everyone was a little nervous about how well he was eating. He left the hospital weighting 6.3 lbs.

We left the hospital around 1 pm on Sunday, August 1. We made a pit stop in the Arby’s drive-thru and Daddy ran into Best Buy to look at some DVDs. We got home around 4 and tried out our new recliner. Maximus decided he wasn’t ready to eat. I think he was too excited to meet the rest of his cousins and uncle Tim.

He got pretty worked up while they were here. It turns out he decided he was hungry and he was really hungry. That night grandma and grandpa came over to snuggle their newest grandson. I took a nap while Bryan ran some errands to buy batteries for various chairs.

Everyone got sleep the first night. We set the alarm for every three hours so we could wake him up to eat. He wasn’t as difficult to wake up as he had been in the hospital, but he wasn’t waking up on his own. Sleeping in our own bed was amazing and we felt refreshed every time we got up.

We moved the pack ‘n play into our bedroom so he could sleep in the newborn bassinet and then we could change him in the pack ‘n play changer.

Bryan had to help me up out of bed because of the incision. Moving around was still difficult and I was in a lot of pain much of the time.

Update: At nine days post, I can happily say that I am able to get out of bed on my own and bend down to pick up Maximus off the floor. Each day is better than the previous. My incision is shrinking and I’m able to move around normally.  

Update: At three weeks post, I can happily say that my mobility is back. The tape is gone and there isn’t much I can’t do.

Going home!

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