August 12, 2010

On our due date, Maximus had his two week well baby appointment. That means they check to see how he’s doing. They make sure he’s gaining weight, they ask you about his diaper changes, and they give you information for newborns.

At our appointment, he was weighed, measured in length, and measured in head circum. Our little boy weighed in at 7 lbs 4 ounces, which was up over a pound from his five day weight check. That weight is the 14% of babies. They didn’t tell me what his length was, but that number was in the 35% of babies his age. I’m not concerned about the percentage of our baby versus other babies his age because every person is different. I know our baby is eating and growing and that’s all that matters.

On August 11, his umbilical cord fell off. His boy “procedure” is all healed up. So, basically he’s a healthy baby boy now. No special ointments or cleaning. We just get to enjoy him!

What’s a typical day like with a two week old? 

  • 11 pm feeding
  • Sleep – mommy and baby
  • 3 am feeding
  • Sleep – mommy and baby
  • 6 am feeding (and lots of pooping!)
  • Sleep – mommy and baby
  • Mom has a chance to eat breakfast before going back to sleep
  • 9 am feeding (and lots of pooping!)
  • 11 am time for mom to get ready
  • 12 pm time for mom to eat lunch
  • 12:30 pm feeding (and lots of pooping!)
  • Sleep
  • Time for mom to get things done: internet, laundry, bills
  • If time allows, mom takes a quick nap before the next feeding
  • 3:30 pm feeding
  • Awake and then a short nap
  • 5;30 pm feeding
  • Awake and then a short nap 
  • 7:30 pm feeding
  • Awake and then a short nap
  • 9:30 pm feeding
  • Sleep
  • Repeat!

My routine is much different with a newborn, but we’re both getting used to it. I know my limits and the limits of Maximus.

Maximus - two weeks old

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