31 weeks

June 9, 2010

I didn’t learn anything new about pregnancy this week. I was reminded about the circle of life. People come and go from this life and in between they celebrate the good times. Life is what you make it. It can be fragile or solid. It can be full of problems or full of happiness. During my roller coaster week of ups and downs, I let myself appreciate the emotional highs and lows.

Baby Leger (31 weeks), Aunt, Mother, and Grandmother (90!)

Baby Leger continues his acrobatics and signature move of sticking his butt out at people. The doctor did confirm that it is his butt that is sticking out as he has stayed head down throughout the pregnancy. He has decided that nighttime bathroom breaks are a good idea. I’m thankful that I made it to the third trimester before my sleeping patterns were ruined by bathroom breaks. I do wish rolling out of bed was a little bit easier and not quite so painful, but I’m dealing with it. The benefit is I’m usually in less pain after the break. He’s also started a daily routine of getting the hiccups. It can be a little bothersome if I’m in the middle of a conversation or doing something at work, but it’s just another reminder from him. I can’t wait to see what those hiccups look like on the “outside!”

With nine weeks to go, I’m doing relatively well heath-wise and emotionally. I made a mental deal with myself that I wouldn’t freak out until I was in a single digit of weeks remaining. I haven’t used the card yet but instead am trying to appreciate the last few weeks before our lives change forever. I did have one day where I was worried he’d come early and we wouldn’t have anything. Because of baby showers, we haven’t purchased any large items. Bryan calmed me down and promised he’d go buy our carseat if that happened. I’d say one semi-meltdown is a success at this point!

Bryan and Kyley (31 weeks)

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