The circle of life

Good-bye seems like a simple phrase. Most of the time it is. Hopefully you don’t give final good-byes often. Final good-byes are hard. They are hard on the soul. They can be mentally and physically draining. They leave you wishing you had more time. Wishing you had done or said more. Sometimes they leave you with regrets. But most of all, they leave you with a sunken feeling. They weigh you down and make you emotional.

The circle of life is hard to grasp. We welcome the new births but mourn the deaths. We don’t doubt the new arrivals, but welcome them with open hearts and arms. We question death and become angry, confused, or sad. As I welcome the new life of my child, I’m left mourning the loss of a loved one. While I am blessed with a child, I am left questioning the circle of life. Why? The pain and sadness is hard to grasp. The memories are always here, but the loved one isn’t.

I’ll never understand why some people are taken from us. I do find comfort knowing that over time the pain and sadness will decrease. I know the raw emotions I feel today will gradually go away. I know this because of experience. I know that I’ve loved and lost before and I’ve been ok. No matter how much it hurts, it does get better.

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