Toddler Conversations: September Edition

Here are some funny conversations I’ve had with Maximus lately. M: Mommy, I want to go home. I’m tired. Me: I’m tired too. I might close my eyes for a while. M: Why? Me: Because I’m tired. M: Then go for it.   Me: Why don’t you use that baby bandaid? M: Why? Me: Because … Continue reading Toddler Conversations: September Edition

Conversations with a toddler

Maximus: Me want more honey. Bryan: You want more honey, huh? You’re going to have to get a bee hive. Maximus: A bee hive? Bryan: Yes, you need a bee hive. Maximus: Get a bee hive at the store. …… Wrigley burped after he finished eating. Maximus: Scuse you Wriggy. Scuse you. …… Out of … Continue reading Conversations with a toddler