Are you for or against breakfast for supper?

Every couple comes to this point in their relationship as father and mother. It happened tonight. The calendar said leftovers and Maximus didn’t want any of them. He just wanted fruit and watermelon (isn’t that fruit?) and a smoothie. He didn’t want meatloaf, chicken fajitas, or hamburger. So we told him he needed to eat something with protein. Peanut butter taco? NO. A cheese stick hot dog? NO. I know, basically four course meals, but we already cooked meals the past few days. That’s the purpose of leftover night. No cooking!

And here’s where you pick a side. You’re either cereal for supper is ok or you’re not. I don’t know that you can convert someone either. It’s a pretty solid line that’s hard to cross.

Here’s the thing, I think I’m right. Breakfast food can be eaten for supper. It’s totally legit. 😃A couple weeks ago Quinten and I had scrambled eggs and grilled cheese sandwiches for supper. I loved having pancakes for supper when I was growing up. I know I had them in college, but I’m afraid we haven’t exposed the boys to that awesomeness. And I think it’s because 50% of the adults here don’t think it’s ok to have breakfast for supper.

Maximus, “Can I have cereal?”
Me, “Sure.”
Maximus, “Can you get me the superhero cereal?”
Bryan, “You’re not having cereal for supper. Pick something else.”

And that’s where our opinions differ. I guess I’ll be making some breakfast meals for supper on the nights Bryan is gone. After all, every child should experience pancakes for supper.

Which side of the line are you on? Breakfast ANY Time of the Day or No Way It’s Only for BREAKFAST!

6 thoughts on “Are you for or against breakfast for supper?

  1. Sara

    Mama V, Fiona, Quinn, and Declan all fully endorse and embrace breakfast for dinner (or as it’s known in our house … brinner). Mike and Bryan could start a club. He is adamant that it is “breakfast – and this is dinner time.” But on days when work goes late or we have a quick turn to an evening activity, scrambled eggs just work.
    I haven’t converted him, but continued brinner as a option has soften him to begrudgingly eating it. I’ll take it. Especially if I add sausage or bacon as a side to whatever breakfast option I’m making. Bacon makes it better 🙂

    1. Good call, Sara! I can always take a note from your playbook. I should offer it with him around. He’d probably make himself some vegetables and eat those instead! 😉

  2. Breakfast for dinner! There is just something borderline rebellious about serving pancakes for dinner that just makes the treat all that more delicious.

    1. You are so right, Allie!

  3. Anytime! But to convince my husband to eat breakfast for supper there better be bacon!

    1. Maybe mine would be into that!

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