Computer woes

Today was a crappy day. I spent over six hours trying to restore two years worth of archived emails. And I didn’t find the solution. I probably shouldn’t have been so confident when IT told me to delete Outlook and reinstall it. I shouldn’t have assumed that 1. my archived folders would be there when I came back or 2. that my Time Machine backup would work. Having issues with number one brought me to number two. The backup should have worked but I kept getting a black screen. I finally went to Google and found out it’s a bug that some people encounter. (Ok, a lot of people.) Of course I found another bug when I went in through the other way. Basically, I’m in over my head and Google is confusing me by offering so many different “fixes.” I don’t know what the best fix is and half the time I don’t know what their telling me to do. And it’s obvious that so far the fixes haven’t worked, right?

I’m not an IT professional. By any means. I proved that to myself yesterday. I can only hope that I’ll have some miracle tomorrow and I’ll get it figured out. Otherwise, I suppose, I’ll have to call in the professionals. I think I have Apple Care to cover the issue, but wouldn’t you know that information is saved in a folder that’s currently inaccessible.

Not the way I wanted to come back to work after a week of vacation. In fact, it started when I was traveling the week before that week of vacation. I am proud of myself for not letting the anxiety take over my vacation, but I am getting itchy about the 400 emails in my inbox that I can’t file. I suppose the silver lining is that I had gotten down to 24 emails on November 11, right before it all went south.

Anyone have experience restoring from a backup on a Time Machine and Macbook Pro?! Come save the day!

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