How Much is Too Much at Christmas?

5 thoughts on “How Much is Too Much at Christmas?”

  1. We struggled with this as well this year. Since Cassidy is more aware we want to be smart with our choices. Lucky for her (and us a bit) my Dad and sister had their gifts at our house Christmas morning which gave her the idea that we had more than we really did. We only bought a couple gifts for each girl then used the extra money to adopt a family in need for Christmas. Both girls got mainly things they needed. We want to make sure they understand the real meaning of the holiday. We also gave them piggy banks to start saving for various goals (save, give, spend).


    1. That’s a good idea to adopt a family! I’d love to hear how the save, give, and spend goes with them! Sometimes we give Maximus a coin for helping around the house, but we haven’t talked to him about anything other than it going in his piggy bank.


  2. We did like you. Three small gifts from us (one a book and one something they needed) and a shared gift from Santa. I admittedly stuffed their stockings to the brim – but it was tiny stuff. And we had them each pick out a toy they wanted at Target for Toys for Tots. Not a perfect plan, but it worked this year v


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