Date Night

We haven’t gone on too many dates since having kids. It’s all part of the deal and for the most part we’re ok with that. Do we really want to get out sometimes, yes. Are we able to, sometimes. We have had to miss all kinds of fun things because of our kids and that’s ok, too. We try to do other stuff at home to make up for the one-on-one time that we miss out on. We go on walks, we watch the sunset from our deck after the boys have gone to bed, we watch tv series after the boys have gone to bed, and we try to do things together during nap time. (To be honest, that last one rarely happens. We just tried to wash the cars but Quinten woke up and joined us outside. Then, Maximus watched from the window and eventually came outside. So, neither took a nap today.)

Last week we had a very last-minute date night. With zero kids and we drove out-of-town! During a previous date night (where we were working), we bought tickets to Fleetwood Mac. It was a charity auction so we got four tickets. Bryan is the musician in the family and loves all things music. I had a softball game the night of the concert so I told him he could take friends. He ended up not being able to find anyone to go so he was going to skip the concert. The morning of I asked my mom if she could babysit until really late, on a work night. She willingly accepted the chance to see the boys. Then, I had to find a sub for my softball game. Thankfully, I was able to find one. As luck would have it, one of my friends had her mother-in-law in town and we found one more sub for the softball game. In a matter of hours, we went from a normal ol’ night on Leger Lane, to having a double-date out-of-town!


We didn’t realize how much we needed a night out. We left our babies in very capable hands and didn’t look back. 😉 We had a drink and appetizers before the concert. Then, I finally got to have a Daiquri at the concert. I’ve been craving a frozen drink for the last year! It was delicious. Oh, and the concert was good, too. 😉 They played for at least two hours. How they do it, is beyond me. I was really tired the next day, but it was nice to get out of the house for a few hours and enjoy the beautiful evening with my husband and friends!

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