The Too Busy rut

I’m in a Too Busy rut. It resembles a washing machine, constantly spinning and always replaced with a new set of clothes. I don’t mind a good routine, but our current one is too busy. I know it’s a phase of life and probably won’t slow down, but it’s taking a toll on me. From getting myself and a baby ready each morning (and sometimes a toddler depending on his mood) to getting us all out the door so I’m not too late to work. Feeding and cleaning up after supper every night. Trying to get baths in and be one step ahead of the latest bedtime stall tactics. Calming a baby enough to put him to bed and hope that he’ll go down around 8 instead of 10. At that point, 15 hours of constantly going have gotten the best of me. I’m mentally and physically exhausted. For about a month I was exercising at night. Then Quinten went through a long phase of bedtime between 9-10 and there was no way I was going to run at 10 pm when I needed to go to sleep.

I feel like this rut is taking over my brain. It is causing me to see the negative in things instead of the positive. And worst of all, it’s making me forget that everyone else I know is living the same thing. My life is no better or worse than anyone else I know. They may not be waking up with babies or arguing with a toddler about how he has to sit on the toilet because he just said he had to go potty. They are dealing with different things. Things. Everyone has them. It’s how you react to them that makes or breaks you. Right now I wish they weren’t bothering me so much. I wish I felt relaxed and energized. Instead I’m constantly running through a list in my brain and feeling guilty when I don’t get things done. {I WILL send out our softball schedule today. I WILL!}

I have to figure out how to breathe a little slower and enjoy a little more. Before I know it I’m going to be complaining about Maximus starting school. I want to look back and smile at all the memories. I don’t want to regret letting things get to me. I think I’ll start with a new to do list.

In no particular order…
1. Smile.
2. Snuggle my babies.
3. Play with my babies.
4. Hang out with my husband.
5. Eat dinner.
6. Sleep.

Everything else will have to fit in between.

4 thoughts on “The Too Busy rut

  1. Oh friend I hear you. I had a small breakdown this morning feeling like I wasn’t just ENJOYING. I was too busy worrying about the next thing to do. Find comfort in others feeling the same way and being here for you to vent to. If you can find the time right??!!

  2. Fiona's Mom

    Hugs to you! Laura and I were just sharing similar stories last week. You have the right priorities – and hopefully nicer weather will help with the breathing.

    PS – Fiona was a late night baby as well. I did not know that babies under 1 went to bed (occasionally) at normal times. Seriously thought it was an urban legend. It gets better – or they learn to play a bit more quietly in there until they fall asleep.

    1. Summer does make it feel easier. I’m happy when the sun is out for so long. Although if I think about it, it only complicates our lives with two softball games a week. 🙂

  3. […] Yesterday, I wrote about taking it easy. I can’t believe the number of people who told me they were feeling the same way. Maybe it’s because so many of us are going through the same “season” of life. Or, maybe it’s just the way the world has changed. Technology at our fingertips is such an amazing thing, but I find that it also means I’m plugged in and thinking during most of my waking hours. It’s like keeping up a friendship. Miss something and you actually miss.something. Especially if you’re like me and get a little lazy about your friendships because you assume they can keep up from your Twitter feed, or Facebook profile, or blog posts, or daily life on Instagram. As part of my mission to sit back and relax, I’m also vowing to put the phone done more. It’s my crutch. It’s always nearby in case I need to snap a cute picture of my kids. While that may be the case, I don’t need to see what has happened on Facebook in the past 20 minutes. Chances are that someone shared a meme that I don’t care about or posted a link to an article that I won’t read. So, I’m taking a back seat in an effort to focus on my new to do list. […]

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